Branding vs Corporate ID – what’s the difference?

Brand Workshop for small businesses

‘It really does help to understand what branding is. I am so much more confident I can implement an effective brand strategy for my business’.
Comment from Ross Beard, Elucidat, after attending our recent workshop.

On Thursday 22nd September we held our first workshop on how famous brands use branding and how relevant branding is to small businesses. We were pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm of our audience who were inspired to reflect on their own branding.

The feedback was very positive with several attendees commenting they would have liked to have seen more before and after examples of re-brands.

Small businesses can get by without really putting much thought to branding. Unlike big business they aren’t relying on appealing to a mass audience.

It’s the old story where the skeptic business manager states “business is doing well, we don’t need marketing”, to which you reply, ah yes but imagine how well you would be doing if you were marketing. The same can be said for Branding.

There is so much misinterpretation about branding. For every ten business owners I’ve recently asked – what is Corporate identity vs what is branding and only 1 in ten had a clear answer. In some cases they were in the marketing sector.

It raises the question, If you have to think about this question then you’re not clear on what your brand is. How then are you using branding to its full potential.

If you are already clear on the answer, it appears you deserve a pat on the back. If you are not clear then it’s very apparent you are not alone.

A lot of the confusion starts from the overuse of the term branding when really its corporate identity that’s being referred to.

The workshop cleared up any confusion. All attendees felt enlightened and far more confident about the way they can use branding to grow their business. Ross Beard of Elucidat commented, ‘Now I have this cleared up it really does help to understand what branding is. I am so much more confident I can implement an effective brand strategy for my software business.

Next Workshop 10th November, 5.30pm, Varsity Lakes
We had so much positive response to the workshop and with all the feedback we can greatly improve the content for the next workshop arranged for the 10th November at 5.30pm at the WOTSO workspace, level 2, 194 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes on the gold Coast.

At this workshop I will outline how effective strong branding is and how digital marketing makes branding more important than ever before to small businesses. We have a guest speaker, Chris Jeong, a digital marketing strategist to present how to use strong branding in a digital marketing strategy. Our aim is to demonstrate how strong branding has a huge effect on how a digital marketing strategy can grow your business.

Points we covered:

  1. How small businesses can use branding to grow their business
  2. Why branding is more important than ever for small businesses
  3. How online has made it even more important than it’s ever been before
  4. The confusion around branding. How the word Brand is used out of context
  5. What is Branding – what is Corporate identity. If you have to think about this then you’re not clear on what your brand is. How then are you using branding to its full potential
  6. Why a strong brand doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact it’s cost effective
  7. Why branding is a fantastic long term investment
  8. how branding can be used – how your brand can be targeted at your favoured client
  9. 9 How branding can grow your revenue without having to scale your operation.
  10. How branding can be very rewarding if you understand how it works
  11. Get the brand right and all else makes more sense.

Add points from guest speakers here

FREE Brand Audit – Full assessment of your business brand
We will be giving away a Brand Audit to all attendees which will review your business and its branding.

The Audit is delivered as a report that appraises your brand and maps the recommended stages in its development, either with us or another agency. Here’s what your report will include:

  • Key insights into your business and your industry.
  • Your ‘unique selling proposition’ as we see it.
  • The story behind your business.
  • Your customer ‘avatar’.
  • Your business voice and personality.
  • The primary messages worth conveying to your customers.
  • Effective steps to brand roll-out: ie, logo review, brand guidelines documentation, website, social media and other recommended marketing content.

FREE Social Media Audit – Full assessment of your Social Media Presence
We will also be giving away a full Social Media Audit to all attendees. How effective is your current social media marketing…really?

  • Ensure you’re properly set-up on the following platforms AND producing the right content to drive better awareness, leads and sales for your business.
  • Facebook Page / Profile
  • Google Plus Page / Profile
  • Linkedin Company Page / Profile
  • Youtube Channel and Videos
  • Your current ratio of the 4 Key social media activities (most businesses are quite unbalanced here)
  • Quick and simple ways you can generate some wins from your social media activity

Tony Labrum
Senior Art Director


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