Sales Driven Website Methodology

3 Offers - Nurture cold leads into hot prospects

The key to getting more leads from your website without
spending more on advertising

Cold, Warm and Hot Offers​

Not all visitors to your website are the same. Some are visiting your website for the first time and don't trust in your business. Some know who you are but are not ready to buy. Finally, some are ready to purchase and want to make a buying decision. You need a special OFFER for each of these types of website visitors. These offers are known as COLD, WARM or HOT Offers.


Cold Offer

A new visitor to your website is unlikely to buy the first time they arrive because they are COLD. They need to build trust in your business or do some shopping around first. The problem is, if they leave without buying 97% of those people will never return. To stop this from happening, you should put a COLD OFFER on every page of your website where cold visitors will be visiting. A COLD OFFER is a free irresistible giveaway you show on your website for a visitor to exchange their contact details like Name, Email, and Phone number. Once you capture their details, you can control the relationship. You can contact the visitor via email, SMS, phone, or even Facebook retargeting to move them along your sales process. Compelling COLD OFFERS are eBooks, cheat sheets, videos, discount coupons, free trials, case studies.


Warm Offer

A WARM OFFER is for WARM VISITORS. Warm visitors are people who know of your business because they may have liked your Facebook Page, visited your website before or watched a video. They know you, may even like you, but they are not ready to buy. This may be because they are still investigating, haven’t made their mind up, or the timing is not right. What they need is to be educated more about your product or service. You can offer these people a WARM OFFER. A WARM OFFER is used to convince a prospect that your product or service is the best one to choose. Great warm offers are case studies, long-form education videos, and webinar.


Hot Offer

A HOT OFFER is for HOT TRAFFIC. Hot traffic is people who are ready to buy now. They are on your website, and they are ready to call you, book an appointment with a salesperson, or make a purchase online. Most businesses have many calls to action classed as HOT OFFERS. The problem is only 3 % of people who visit your website the first time are ready to buy now. So the trick is to balance your HOT OFFERS with COLD and WARM OFFERS.

It's All About Balance

EVERY PAGE on your website should have ONE or ALL of a COLD, WARM and HOT Offer

However, not every page on your website needs to have all three offers.

Some pages like your sales pages should have a HOT OFFER. You don’t want to distract a HOT PROSPECT with a COLD OFFER. You may lose the sale.

Other pages like your blog posts need to have all three offers because people landing on a blog post could be arriving there from Google (a cold prospect) or an email campaign you send with a link to the blog post (a warm prospect).

Sprinkle your pages with the right offers to increase your lead capture across your website. Do this and you will get more leads from your existing traffic with no extra advertising spend.

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