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Your website should be designed by a marketing expert and an art director, not by a graphic designer!



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What is Conversion Optimized Design?

The look and feel of a website will effect how many leads your website generates. It should be on brand. Good branding improves convertion by 20%. Use an experience brand art director who understands how branding works.

Good design will ensure every pixel is placed on the site to lead a visitor to firstly submit their details and then become a client.

A website optimized visually for conversion will:

  1. Remove all distraction from the visitor
  2. Make the call to actions the most important parts of each page on the site
  3. Draw the attention of the visitors to the most important information on each page
  4. Make the content on the page easy to consume for the visitor

Why is a Conversion Optimized Design Important?

A Conversion Optimized Design is important for a website because it will improve your leads from your website. The ultimate goal of your website is to capture leads from your website so your sales people can follow up.

So many websites do not organize their information in a logical way to make it easy to consume by the visitor. Often the action the business wants the user to take to move along the sales cycle is either hidden or not even on the page, so leads are lost.

A conversion optimized design helps to solve these problems so you don’t spend money driving traffic to your website and then lose them because your visitors are confused, unimpressed or don’t know what action to take, so they just leave.


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