How to Use Your Brand Online to Increase Customer Awareness, Engagement and Sales

Facebook Page. Check √.
Regular Blog Posts. Check √.
Internal or Outsourced Staff to look after ‘Social Media.’ Check √.

If you’re ‘doing the right things online’ but still not getting the results, have you stopped to think about what is really going on?

My team and I work with small and medium sized businesses around Australia, the USA and Canada and often times business owners come to us at wits end wondering why they can’t get ‘Social Media’ and other online marketing activities to WORK for them like they know it should.

While there could be a huge number of factors that could be at play, usually it comes down to a message to market mismatch.

Simply put, a message to market mismatch happens when what you’re saying isn’t what your market wants to hear, or isn’t said in a way your market understands.

So how does your BRAND impact the message you’re putting out there to your market?

Whether you like it or not, everything you put online will show off the personality (or lack thereof) of your business…it is this personality that makes up the ‘Voice’ of your business… this ‘voice’ needs to come from your brand.

  • Is your business fun, modern and new?
  • Or are you professional, factual with a proven history?
  • Is your product easy to purchase, quick to use and on the cheaper side?
  • Or is it the premium, hard to get and long lasting kind?

These are all questions that relate back to your brand (and in this case, voice).
So if your business / product / service is upbeat, fun and modern, yet all of your online communications are boring, corporate and bland…THAT is causing a message to market mismatch and is hurting your results!

If you’re like most business owners, chances are you haven’t spent much time considering the ‘voice’ of your business…and if you have, you haven’t got it documented anywhere. (If you do, kudos to you!).

Now if you haven’t spent time considering the ‘voice’ of your business, or written this down to pass onto your employees or digital marketing agencies…how can you expect your online messages to have a consistent ‘voice’?

(Good question, I hear you saying…)

So by now, you get the point…

  • If your message is mismatched to your market, you’re going to have a bad time.
  • HOW you say things is just as important as WHAT you’re saying (your ‘Voice’).
  • You need to first be clear yourself on your voice, and then have a way to communicate this to your staff or agencies.

How do you make this work for you?

We will cover much of this in our workshop on Branding and Digital Marketing.

However for those of you who want to know NOW, there are some pointers you can use below:

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