Laying The Foundation for a Slick, Savvy Carpet Campaign

Our Client: Classic Flooring Australia: 
At the time, a budding Australian manufacturer and supplier of modular and broadloom carpet.
What is it about a room that can make you feel transported when you walk in? Is it the furnishings? Perhaps the lighting? Don’t discount carpet from the equation. Flooring is a vital part of creating energy, atmosphere and professionalism in a setting, and this is precisely the message Classic Flooring Australia wanted to communicate with their marketing campaign. They needed sleek, high quality images that showcased their flooring products in real locations, for use in point of sale and promotional materials.

When Classic Flooring Australia turned to us for help, they presented us with a challenge (as so many of our clients do)- could we create classy carpet images on a start-up company budget? Some might shy away from such a challenge, knowing full well that a project of this nature often requires construction of complete room sets for each product, including props, lighting, décor and models. Can anyone see dollar signs? When you’re looking for high class results the costs can add up, but we didn’t let that perturb us. Instead, we rolled up our sleeves and came up with a solution.

But first, why is high quality imagery crucial for a budding business’s marketing strategy?

Today, Images Speak Louder Than Words
With the age of the “smart phone”, we find ourselves in an era where content is strongly dominated by dynamic imagery. Imagery is now just as important as the words that go with it, if not more. With image-focused social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram becoming increasingly popular modes of communication, it’s not such a stretch to imagine that photos or graphics can speak volumes.

The Stats Don’t Lie!
Did you know that articles with visually stunning images are 94% more likely to be viewed? Furthermore, the quality of a product’s image is crucial in consumers’ ability to identify and purchase it over other products on the market. People no longer want to view long-winded descriptions or even reels of ratings and reviews. Visually pleasing imagery was proven 63% more important than product-specific information in a study conducted by the National Retail Federation, and this universally understood language of imagery applies to your business too!

Professional Images, Professional Company
An unprofessional, amateur photo or image on your company website is likely to portray the same about your product. Through your images, you’re telling a story about your brand or product and moving from simply “telling” your customers what you can do, to “showing” them. If you want to show your best, it’s important to ensure your chosen images are eye-catching, informative and professional. High resolution images not only drive engagement and sales, but also enable you to effectively utilize social media sites as part of your marketing strategy. In today’s world, e-commerce and quality images go hand in hand.

Our Solution
To create a cost-effective, yet high quality image solution for our client, we needed to think outside the box. We started by photographing sections of Classic Flooring Australia’s carpet from exactly the right angle and perspective, and using our technical and retouching skills, we were able to drop these image sections seamlessly into pre-existing stock photography shots. This saved our client days-worth of photography fees, the cost of models and all associated “primping”, not to mention lighting, travel and accommodation costs for the team.

Location is often a huge challenge when it comes to projects such as this, and we knew we’d have to think smart to save money for our client. Not only is it notoriously tricky to gain permission to shoot in public places such as airports, hotels or schools, but if and when you do have access, the cost of hiring the location can be astronomical! By playing it savvy, we were able to showcase the product in real and varied locations and communicate the full scope and versatility of Classic Flooring Australia’s carpets.

Our client was very happy with the end result, and have now been able to move forward with their marketing strategy using slick and professional images that appear purpose-shot for the company and most importantly, didn’t break their budget.

If you’d like to find out how we can transform your business branding and get you noticed in a crowd, talk to us.


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