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We provide a turnkey solution for all your marketing activities and requirements

We provide a turnkey solution for all your marketing activities and requirements

Design & art

When design is working at its hardest, one eye sees, and the other eye feels.

Great design means more than just pretty pictures. It changes perception, inspires emotion and triggers action.
Whether you need a brochure or a press ad, a logo or a complete brand identity, we produce work that ensures your customers understand what you do, relate to your uniqueness, and fall in love with what you stand for.

At Zebra, we pride ourselves on designing to an individual client’s needs, rather than using one set style for all. We have the creativity to produce compelling ideas, and the technical training to support everything from expert illustration to careful retouching.
And with our flair for producing work that combines great design with engaging headlines and messaging, Zebra offers full service design and content that provides everything your brand needs to excel.

Copywriting & content

If you’ve ever read a business communication containing dry, uninspiring content, corporate jargon, clichés, awkward-sounding or incoherent messages, spelling mistakes, typos or bad grammar, chances are, you didn’t linger for long to consider their product. That’s why it’s so important to go the extra mile when it comes to your content, to ensure you’re projecting the best possible image, rather than harming your reputation and damaging your brand.

Each and every one of your communications – from press ad to brochure, email to website – offers an important and powerful opportunity to enhance your brand. When it’s well-written, dynamic and engaging, a communication builds your reputation, adds professionalism, improves customer engagement, builds your brand identity and convinces a prospect that you’re good at what you do. Done badly, it has the reverse effect, damaging your brand and credibility.

Zebra’s in-house copywriter will get to know your business inside out – so you receive polished communications that reflect your company values, project an image of professionalism and attract more of the right fans, followers and customers.
Working in tandem with our designers and developers, you’re guaranteed strong, cohesive ideas that unite image and message, for cleverer, more persuasive, and more powerful communications. 

Online development

The Average Website is Useless

Most businesses have a website that looks great but doesn’t generate leads consistently. Marketing has moved on and websites should implement the current digital marketing methods, most websites don’t do this making them useless to the businesses they support.

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A web presence is a must for any business hoping to remain competitive – but it’s very easy to get it wrong.

Whether it’s website design, navigation and content, search-engine optimisation, social media, blogging, emails, newsletters or online banner advertising, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on the best online strategy that will work for your brand.

In this fast-moving world, businesses also need to stay up-to-date on the impact of new technologies, as well as rapidly shifting online trends, all the while ensuring they remain ‘on message’ and consistent across every platform.

That’s where Zebra comes in – with smart thinking to ensure your brand messaging translates well online, guidance on the best strategies, solutions and technologies, and the capabilities to create whatever online component you need.

Not only that, but our designers, developers and content specialists are equipped with the most up-to-the-minute skills, insights and methodologies to ensure your online presence seamlessly and powerfully enhances your brand.

Design & Print

Our print production capabilities have been put together with the end-user (ie you) in mind.

Not only do we offer top quality printing services, consistent results and complete cost-transparency, but ours are some of the best print rates available in Australia.

Our print services come with the latest digital asset management functionality, allowing us to centralise, organise and share with you your digital media files, quickly and efficiently, in real-time. You’ll be able to purchase on an ad-hoc basis from any of your files, which are all stored online, from one central location.

This bespoke digital asset management software gives you instant access to any file, improving workflow, centralising marketing operations and offering exceptional savings on print collateral.

I would like to just convey the feedback we have received in regards to the design of the logo and branding scheme for our Natures Coin concept. The feedback has been only positive commendation from different stakeholders involved in the development of the Natures Coin. The logo design simplicity and impact really is very effective and meets all our expectations. Look and feels for the website concept also will be adopted as they really capture the message that we are looking to deliver about the brand and value proposition being offered. The briefing also received on the use of the logo was very well presented. So definitely thank you for your creativeness. We will definitely keep you posted on application of the brand and the coin design once officially launched.
Aaron Troy Cassar
Natures Coin

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