Training Content and User Experience

We have an extensive experience of working with training organisations going back over 25 years providing a wide range of requirements in the training sector from branding to technical school compliant content authoring to providing customised LMS. We believe that training has more value when it’s intuitive, stimulating and a pleasure rather than a chore. We keep up with technology to provide the best user experiences. A selection of training materials are exampled below. Material Structure We work with established clients and extend their brand ID into clearly structured materials. Typography plays a very important role in training content. Well structured consistent styling and copy assist in digesting and understanding the content. We have a long history in producing technical content for instruction and training manuals covering a wide range of subjects including Health and Safety. We develop material with a distinctive style to work with an existing brand. Attractive materials encourages reading working with the brand intergrity to gain confidence, loyalty and then referrals. Technical know how Past technical and training publications include working for Jaguar, JCB, Aston Martin, Chubb Safes, Yale Locks, James Dawson (Dunlop and Fenner), Schreiber Furniture, Ford, Massey Fergusson, Santos, Cisco, ZF Gears, Berthold, … and many more industrial and technological clients.