Social Media Marketing doesn’t get simpler than this!

You Record 1 Video… we transform your video into 5 Marketing Campaigns…Using Your Voice, Your Content and Your Style

Content Marketing on Steroids

All your socials, sms messages
and calls are directed to your phone
in one list.

You won’t miss a lead!

You press record - we manage the rest

  • We set it all up
  • We manage your campaigns.
  • You check one screen for all your new leads.

You press start - we manage the rest

  • We set it all up
  • We manage your campaigns.
  • You check one screen for all your new leads.

All your socials, sms messages and calls are directed to your phone in one list.

You won’t miss a lead!

All your contacts and prospects connect with you in one place.

You get notified when any calls or messages come in from social messages, email, sms or phone. And in case you cant take a call, the caller is messaged immediately, with your auto response.

This is all setup within our managed service. Immediate benefits to your business.

  • You see your hot leads as soon as they arrive
  • You see all your team and customer communication immediately in one place
  • All your contacts in one place
  • Books appointments for you
  • Spend no time driving your marketing
  • And saves you time on managing the business.

You press start - we manage the rest

How good would it feel, knowing exactly where your leads are coming from and responding to them while you sleep.

How good would it feel, knowing exactly where your leads are coming from and responding to them while you sleep.

We combine all our team’s experience with our Zcrm All-In-One Sales and Marketing Platform that has all the marketing and sales strategies needed to grow your business Built InIt’s like Salesforce or Hubspot but with a big difference …

We manage it all for you!

We set and manage
your strategy

We set and manage your strategy

The Zcrm is everything you’d want from a crm platform with all the tried and tested features to grow your business.

With more and more ways to market, a crm has to have a lot of powerful tools under the bonnet, it takes a lot of knowledge to make it fire on all cylinders and a lot of expertise to steer it in the right direction.

Other CRM’s are DIY, theres a massive learning curve to just how to set it up, how to use it, let alone having expertise to what strategy to use.

This is why the Zcrm Managed for you service makes a big difference when compared to subscribing for a DIY offering like Hubspot or Salesforce.

Don’t waste time on ineffective marketing tactics. Trust experienced marketers who use proven strategies that work for service-based businesses.

9 Wins straight out of the box

WIN 1: Call to Action

Website Integration

Your business website should be more than just a brochure. It should be a new client machine. The Zcrm integrates with your website so that it converts visitors into clients.


98% compared to Phone 21%

The open rate for SMS (text messages) is 98%! Compare that to the average open rate of email (about 21%) the most powerful win we can give a business is the ability to manage receive text messages.

Campaign #1

Blog post

Your video is converted into a blog post. We use ChatGPT to rewrite the video transcript into an article using your content, your voice and your style, and we optimize it for SEO so it can be found in the Google search engine.


This blog post is used to attract new prospects searching for your services on the Google search engine.


You will never have to write another blog post again. Just record your videos, and AI will turn your videos into blog posts

Auto posted

Once you approve the blog post you will select a date to post and the app will auto post it at the selected time.

Campaign #2

Weekly email

Email marketing is the #1 way to turn your database of leads and prospects into paying clients. Your video is transcribed and turned into a weekly email that is sent to your database.


The email is used to nurture your existing prospects and warm them up until they are ready to buy or book an appointment


We use AI tools to write the email, and beacuse we use your video as the source of content, the email is written in your voice, with your content and in your style

Auto posted

The email is auto-sent to your database each week from the Video Marketing Machine app. There is no need to create, schedule and send your emails anymore.

Campaign #3

Social Media Posts

Each video is converted into four social media posts.

  • Long video
  • Short video
  • Quote Card
  • Blog post promo

This content is auto-published to all your social media platforms through the Video Marketing Machine.


Social media posts are used to find new prospects and nurture the prospects that follow you on your social media platforms.


All the copy for the social content is generated through AI using your video transcript as the foundation.


Through the Video Marketing Machine, you can schedule the publishing of the content, and it is auto-posted at the required time.

Campaign #5

YouTube video

Your video is auto-published to YouTube, and your YouTube Description and Thumbnail are auto-generated by the Video Marketing Machine.


YouTube is the perfect platform to get more prospects to book appointments in your calendar and nurture prospects who already know you.


The YouTube thumbnail and video description are auto-generated by the Video Marketing Machine.


Your YouTube video is published at the required time by the Video Marketing Machine.

WIN 7: Reviews

Reputation Management

94% of consumers say positive reviews make them more likely to use a business and 89% of consumers say they’re likely to choose a local business that responds to reviews? Zcrm notifies you so you dont miss a response.

WIN 7: Web Chat

Webchat Widget

Chat messaging  from your website straight into your Zcrm conversation. Your replies go direct into their phone as a text message.
The Chat Widget sits at the bottom of your web pages.

WIN 7: Chat

Auto Answers to FAQs

This saves you so much valuable time. Use any phrase, key words (questions) to automatically send replies to frequently asked questions across SMS, Messenger, Instagram DM, Google Chat, and more!

Win 8: Forms

Call To Action

Zcrm forms embed into your website – set call to actions that filter visitors into any automated response and workflow. You see these in your phone app.

WIN 9: Link Pages

Social Link Pages

Turn your social media profiles into lead generation machines! by linking to custom built mobile landing pages with call-to-action forms and links.

Like this page 🙂


See what we do for you under the bonnet

See all the features you can use with the Zcrm

Our Clients

Congratulations to Tony on designing our fantastic new brand which will become the face of our great company for the next few years. We commissioned Tony to do our company's rebranding, style guide, website and brochure designs and were pleased to say we achieved fantastic results with him. Tony listens to your objectives and uses his creative skills and logical thinking to deliver great results. His fees are very reasonable, he is pleasant to work with and we definitely recommend him to other businesses small or large for any general graphic design or branding exercises". Jake Robinson Superdraft Pty Ltd
Jake Robinson
Jake Robinson
Superdraft Pty Ltd

The Video Post Maker helps you

Build trust

Do you sell a service where trust is important and you need to communicate you are the right person for the job?

Become omnipresent

Become the #1 person in your industry in your prospects world and get them to reach out when they are ready

Nurture your audience

The Video Marketing Machine strategy helps your nurture your prospects until they are ready to make a buying decision

Book appointments

The biggest challenge we have is to get a lead to book an appointment. The Video Marketing Machine solves this problem

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